3 Reasons to Have a Plant Stand

Getting a stand for your plant is a great way to not only elevate your plant but also your décor! Our new pot stands are hand-crafted by a local artisan right here in West Queen West, made of high quality stained wood. They’re beautiful, sturdy and practical, great for adding value and impact to your decor! Here are three reasons to get a stand for your favourite plant:
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3 Reasons to Love Roses

Happy June! It’s the best time of year for flowers – the gardens are bursting with colour and the flower shops are fully stocked with beautiful seasonal offerings. One of the flowers that we’re really appreciating right now (and always!) just happens to be the Birth Month flower for June. Roses are the official flower of the beginning of summer, and are known as the Queen of the Flowers for a reason! Here are three reasons to love roses:
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3 Reasons to Choose a Statement Plant

Are you looking for a great way to add some flair or create an impact in your home? Are you feeling adventurous and wanting to add to your urban jungle? Why not try a statement plant?! Adding a large tree, palm or other plant to your space can make a real impression and transform your environment. Here are 3 reasons why a statement plant is a great addition to your space: 
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