3 Reasons to Have a Plant Stand

Getting a stand for your plant is a great way to not only elevate your plant but also your décor! Our new pot stands are hand-crafted by a local artisan right here in West Queen West, made of high quality stained wood. They’re beautiful, sturdy and practical, great for adding value and impact to your decor! Here are three reasons to get a stand for your favourite plant:



plant stand in window with philodendron selloum and sansevieria

Lifting your plant up off of the ground with a stand can allow it to soak up as much sun as possible! In homes with higher windows or few spots with access to adequate light, sometimes shorter plants can have a hard time getting all the sunlight they need to live a long and happy life. You can give your plants the best chance at thriving and growing by setting them in a stand closer to the light.



plant stand with ficus alii and philodendron congo rojo

Worried about curious pets getting into your plants? Keep your plants and your pets safe by lifting your plants up and out of reach. Many plants can be harmful to your pets if they are ingested. Non-toxic plants like palms may be pet-safe, but they often attract the attention of pets looking for something to play with and chew on, which can be damaging to foliage.





plant stand with ficus alii and philodendron congo rojo

Life can be messy! Lifting your plants off of the ground can help to reduce the amount of cleaning up involved in plant ownership. Big, heavy plants and pots can be a pain to move out of the way to clean the floor beneath, but putting them up onto a stand lifts them off of your floors, leaving a clear and easy path for brooms, mops and vacuums.