3 Things We Love About Spring!

Spring has sprung! It’s our favourite time of year and we want to share our love for the season with you! Here are 3 things we love about spring:


The days are getting longer, which gives us more time to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine! We really missed the sun and its warmth over the winter and are taking advantage of this wonderful weather to spend some much-needed time outside. Your plants appreciate all the sun as well! Rotate any plants that have only been getting light on one side, or move them to a sun-filled corner and let them sunbathe.

New Growth

Something great about this time of year is that there is always something fresh and new to see! Things are growing, the grass is getting greener, the leaves on the trees are starting to grow and the first flowers of the year are starting to peek up out of the ground. It’s a great time to go for a walk and look out for the crocus, daffodils, hellebores and forsythia starting to bloom! Take a look at your houseplants too, they are loving all the sunshine and warmth as well, and are likely sprouting some new growth of their own. It's a great time to repot, refresh the soil or give them a light fertilizer to encourage this new growth!


People are starting to come out of our winter hibernation and spend more time outdoors, and so are the animals! The birds are singing, the bees are staring to buzz around and little baby creatures are being born. It’s a great time to take a little trip to your local park and see what kinds of creatures you can see running or flying around. Get wild yourself - go hiking, bird watching, or go down to the lake - enjoy the energy and freedom of the season!