3 Reasons to Visit Your Local Flower Store

We are now open for in person shopping! After a long winter of online shopping and staying inside, we are beyond excited to see customers in the store again! While shopping online is easy and convenient, nothing quite matches the unique experience of stepping into a flower shop. Here are three reasons why visiting a flower store can be a magical adventure:  


The Smells!

Stepping into a flower store, one of the first things people notice is the fragrance. Since we always have plenty of plants and flowers around, the air in here is always fresh and full of floral aromas. Spring brings us Hyacinths, one of our favourite fragrant flowers, cut and ready to be taken home with you! Grab yourself a bunch and fill your own home with the joy of natural fragrance. Each new seasons brings new and exciting scents, and we always have something fresh and delightful for you to experience.


The Feelings!

Being surrounded by green is an inspiring reprieve from your own four walls. Come on in and feel the energy and vigour of nature in our little interior jungle. It may not always be green outside, but it’s always green in a flower store! Looking to add to your own indoor wilderness? Seeing plants in person gives you a chance to visualize them in your own space, and get a better feel of size, height and accompanying pots. And there’s always someone knowledgeable to help you choose and answer any of your plant questions. Maybe you’ll connect with an unexpected plant and need to take it home with you! Or maybe you'll run into these cuties...


The Sights!

As hard as we try to get everything on our online store, some little treasures don’t always make it onto the internet. Exploring the shelves of a flower store gives you a chance to find some of the golden nuggets that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Fresh finds like tiny succulents, air plants, string of pearl plants, even the pinkest of pink hydrangeas hit the shelf regularly – and are sometimes gone before they can make it onto the website! And flower shops aren’t all about flowers and plants - our shelves are also full of whimsical trinkets and gifts like candles, gem stones and soaps. Step in and take in all the shining, sparkling sights!