"Tequila Sunrise" Mini Orchid

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Cheers to more sunny days! Bask in the warmth of this cute mini orchid, sure to bring you warmth and joy this winter. 


The most popular species of orchids grown as houseplants, Phalaenopsis are easy to care for and have long-lasting blooms. Like air plants, orchids are epiphytes – meaning that in nature they grow on the bark of trees and get their nutrients and moisture from the air. Once your orchid is finished blooming, just cut back the flower stem and wait for a new flower stalk to start growing!

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Care Guidelines:

Sunlight - Thrives in bright, non-direct light
Watering - Allow top few inches of moss to dry between watering. Always drain excess water.


  • The overall height and width will vary from plant to plant and depends on nature itself.
  • This plant is sold with the decorative pot shown.