Lucia Home Fragrance "Sea Watercress & Chai Tea"


Made with pure essential oils of Tea Tree, Green Tea and White Tea, these candles and tablets have a sweet, comforting scent that will make any space feel like a luxury spa.


Made in Canada from pure essential oils and natural, 100% organic, fair-trade soy, these candles are a great alternative to less environmentally friendly petroleum based candles. They are long-burning, with an estimated burning time of over 50 hours, and will to bring a joyful scent to any space.


These scented and decorative wax tablets are handmade in Canada using traditional 16th century methods. They are all natural, made with pure essential oils and organic Soy wax. Hang one on a door knob to add scent to a room, put one in a drawer, wardrobe or closet, or stick one in your luggage for some fragrance on the go!