Chinese Fan Palm

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Native to Southeast Asia, the Chinese Fan Palm is a tropical plant that thrives in bright light. Its name comes from its large leaves, which resemble folded paper fans and grow on the ends of tall, slender stems, giving it a graceful tropical look. It is a slow growing plant, but can reach up to 7 feet tall with a width of up to 5 feet when grown indoors in ideal conditions.


Plant height approximately 2' (10" pot size)

Plant height approximately 5' (12" pot size) 


Care Guidelines:

Sunlight- Thrives in bright light
Water- Do not let plant dry out completely between watering, check for water once top few inches of soil are slightly dry


  • While the diameter of the plant’s pot (10" or 12") is consistent, the overall height and width will vary from plant to plant and depends on nature itself.
  • All plants are sold in a plastic grower’s pot. They do not include a decorative pot.