Areca Palm

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Native to the forests of Madagascar, this palm loves bright light and high humidity. It has a bushy shape, with numerous yellowy, bamboo-like stems. It is a perfect plant to keep on a balcony during the summer months and can be brought indoors when the weather gets colder for some green during the winter. These plants were popular houseplants during the Victorian era, and were seen as a sign of wealth and social status.


Plant height approximately 4' (10" pot size)

Care Guidelines:
Sunlight: Thrives in bright light
Water:  Do not let plant dry out completely between watering, check for water once top few inches of soil are slightly dry


  • While the diameter of the plant’s pot (10") is consistent, the overall height and width will vary from plant to plant and depends on nature itself.
  • All plants are sold in a plastic grower’s pot. They do not include a decorative pot.