ZZ Plant


Native to tropical Eastern Africa, the ZZ plant is a hardy, low maintenance house plant that is a great air purifier. Its dark glossy leaves make it a striking addition to any indoor space. It is very drought tolerant, and can go a long time before needing to be watered, making it a great beginner houseplant. The number one killer of ZZ Plants is over watering. Be sure to let it go completely dry between watering. 

Plant height approximately 1' (6" pot size)

Plant height approximately 2.5' (10" pot size)

Plant height approximately 3' (12" pot size)

Care Guidelines:
Sunlight: Thrives in bright, non-direct light; can survive in low light
Water: Sparingly and only when completely dry

  • While the diameter of the plant’s pot (6", 8" or 10") is consistent, the overall height and width will vary from plant to plant and depends on nature itself.
  • All plants are sold in a plastic grower’s pot. They do not include a decorative pot. 
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