Rhapis Palm (Lady Palm)

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Other common names: Finger Palm, Fan Palm, Broadleaf Palm

Originating from Southern China, the slender leaves of the Rhapis Palm grow in an attractive fan shape and can add a touch of tropical sophistication to any space. While it is one of the more low-light tolerant palms, you should aim to provide your Lady Palm with as much bright sun as possible while keeping it out of direct sunlight and keep the soil lightly moist.

 Approximate plant height - 3' 

Care Guidelines:
Sunlight - Bright, non-direct light
Watering - Do not let plant dry out completely between waterings, check for water once top few inches of soil are slightly dry

  • While the diameter of the plant’s pot (10") is consistent, the overall height and width will vary from plant to plant and depends on nature itself.
  • All plants are sold in a plastic grower’s pot. They do not include a decorative pot. 
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