Top 3 Plants for Low Light

Our top pick for areas with little natural light. These plants are great for first time plant parents, or for adding a special touch to low light areas of the home, such as the bedroom or den. All three of our picks have THREE great features:
  • Air Purifying
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Flexible Design
BONUS: These plants require very little watering, and NASA studies have found that they are also great at air purification and release oxygen even at night, making them a great choice for freshening the air in your home! 


There are so many varieties of Sansevieria, or Snake Plants as they're commonly known, to choose from, that you’ll be able to have a different snake plant for every room without ever tiring of this all-time favourite! Some fun favourites include the classic variegated Laurentii, the thick leaved, fan-shaped Cylindrica Starfish, the arched, spiky-looking Fernwood and the silvery Moonshine.


Who can resist the deep green glossy leaves of this beauty? New growth shoots out of the soil in a pointy stalk to unfurl and reveal bright green leaves before turning its signature dark green. Like snake plants, the ZZ is very drought tolerant and can go weeks without being watered. The only way to kill a ZZ plant is by loving it too much – overwatering it can lead to root rot.


With peace in the name this plant, it is sure to bring zen to your low light space. This plant is forgiving to the forgetful waterer, and will basically tell you when it’s thirsty. Notice its leaves drooping? Give it a thorough saturation and watch it perk right up.