3 Reasons to Choose a Hanging Plant

Here at Poppies, we loving hanging out with our new and returning customers from the Queen West community and beyond. The only hang up is that don’t have room for more customers with all of our beautiful new plants we just got in! Well actually, we’ve found the perfect solution for that and we want to share it with you. Hanging plants! Keep reading to hear three reasons it’s time you join us on the hanging plant craze.



Keep them out of reach

One of the most frequent questions we get in store is what plant options exist for our cautious pet parents. And while some of our plants are pet-friendly, we cannot promise that your pet will be plant-friendly. Hanging your plants high, out of reach of grabby hands or curious kitties is a surefire way to set your plant up for success and to give you that peace of mind. Any plant can be made into a hanging plant. Simply take your grower’s pot and seat it into the hanging pot of your choice. Our macramé plant hangers are the perfect choice for a natural, bohemian look. To water your hanging plant, unhang it and let it drip dry in your sink and then back up it can go!


Save your space

Here in the city, we are very familiar with the concept of building UP, not out. Why use up your studio apartment’s floor, counter or desk space when you have an entire ceiling to work with!? Don’t let your small space hold you back from your jungle dreams! By staggering the height of your foliage, you can create a really lush look, especially with cascading and fast growing plants like the marble queen pothos or golden pothos


Lift them to the light

Maybe the light in your apartment doesn’t quite reach all of your favourite plants... OR is it that your plants can’t reach the light? The sun’ll come out tomorrow, so you gotta hang em till tomorrow! We might not be able to change the positioning of the sun, but we can definitely bring our house plants towards the light for longer by raising them up. Lighter plants can even be hung from a curtain rod to keep them right next to your window. String of tears is a great plant to hang from a curtain rod because it is small, light and, as a succulent, it loves lots of sunlight!



Unsure where to start? 

A quick visit to your local hardware store, Parkdale Home Hardware, where the staff are super friendly and helpful will have your prepped and ready for installation. If you’ve got your plant, hanger and hook handy but are missing the tools you need for set up, consider checking out the Spadina Tool Library. It is an affordable tool rental service located in the alley between Spadina and Cameron and a great alternative to buying your own set of tools.