3 Plant Care Tips From The Experts

Here at Poppies, we get all kinds of questions and give all kinds of advice about houseplants every day. Whether you're a new plant parent or an experienced indoor gardener, a little guidance and advice on plant care is always valuable! Here are three of our favourite care tips from our plant experts to help you help your plants thrive: 

Avoid Overwatering

The easiest way to kill a plant it with too much love! You may feel the urge to tend to and water your plant every day, but the majority of plants need some time to breathe before they’re watered. Too much water can lead to oversaturated soil, making it difficult for plant roots to take up oxygen and nutrients. This can lead to root rot, which can kill your plant. Many plants can look and feel dry on the top surface, but may have moisture below. Avoid this common mistake by sticking your finger, or a chopstick, into the soil to test the moisture. Feel wet? Don't water! 


Rotate Your Plants

Plants are always reaching towards the sun, and tend to grow toward their light source. For indoor plants, especially ones that are growing far from a window, this can result in uneven growth and pretty wonky-looking plants. By rotating your plant regularly, you can let all sides of the plant get access to sunlight - not just whatever is closest to the window. This results in happier, better looking plants! Avoid a crooked growing plant by turning your plant ¼ turn each time you water.  


Don't Fear Yellow Leaves 

In an ideal world, our plants would always be green, lush and perfect. We want them to be as healthy and happy as possible, so seeing yellowing or browning leaves on our prized plants can be stressful! It's important to keep in mind that your plant is a natural, living thing, and not all leaves are going to look perfect or live forever. It’s normal for your plant to shed its old leaves to make way for new growth. Simply trim away leaves that have yellowed or dried for a better looking plant. Your plant will change over time, and a few imperfect leaves are nothing to fear.