3 Life Changing Plant Products

Poppies has always offered a wide selection of plants and plant accessories, but now thanks to local blue-eyed scientist Aaron and his company BIOS, we are so excited to connect you with the plant health products you’ve been looking for. Aaron spent more than 6 years of research and development to create BIOS after being inspired to solve the problem of dead zones created by synthetic fertilizer run off. BIOS is a… revolutionary, all-natural, handmade, local, eco-friendly, sustainable, easy-to-use, pet/child friendly, effective and super cool alternative to traditional synthetic plant fertilizers and growing agents. Available now at Poppies, we have the Plant Fertilizer, Plant Probiotics and Yucca Extract your plants need to live their lives to the fullest!

Plants cannot survive with soil microbes. These are naturally used up and washed away over time, but through fermentation, BIOS adds microbes back to your soil to help it hold onto water longer, get more of those essential nutrients and increase its resistance to diseases! BIOS replicates how plants are fed in nature by adding plant matter and minerals like wheat bran and kelp meal. These yummy plant foods decompose over time to create new soil, more microbes, antibiotics and plant food! The fertilizer comes dried and gets activated when water is added. It looks a lot like fish food and if your first instinct is to sprinkle it, you’ve got it! (It’s that easy to use… intuitive really.) Sprinkle it on top of your soil about once a month and mix it in if you’d like, give it some water and wait. Over the next few days a magical white fuzz of bacteria will grow. (We promise it’s not mold. It’s actually a great sign!) After that, your plants will grow like never before! Side effects may include magical results and friends who are tired of hearing about fertilizer.

<div style=More and more, the importance of gut health is being recognized and promoted for us humans because feeling good starts inside! But did you know that all living things can benefit from probiotics? Next time you’re eating your yogurt or taking a daily supplement, your plants can join in on the fun with BIOS Plant Probiotics. This “liquid gold” is full of beneficial bacterial cultures called Lactobacillus. They are an extremely effective anti-fungal & anti-bacterial microbe that can treat a variety of plant diseases. The best part is they stick around after applying them, like an invisible force field, preventing and controlling fungal diseases, increasing water retention and giving micronutrients to leaves & roots. To use the probiotic, you’ll want to dilute it in water and then you can apply it to the leaves or in the soil. If applying to the leaves, whether by spraying or wiping, aim to do it in the morning or evening while the sun is less intense, otherwise burning can occur. If you’re treating a mold/mildew problem you’ll want to wipe it down thoroughly and then spray bi-weekly. You know what they say, a BIOS Plant Probiotic treatment each 14th day keeps the fungal disease away.

<div style=We put this sh** on everything! BIOS Yucca Extract comes straight from the deserts of South America and is truly magical for all aspects of plant health. It can be used by itself or along with the Plant Probiotics to help the probiotics stick to the leaves. The Yucca Extract is one of the most powerful wetting agents on the market. It keeps soils & moss hydrated and increases efficiency of good nutrient absorption by lowering the surface tension of water, allowing water to evenly coat the leaves. This Yucca surface layer also helps to keep out the bad, acting as a natural insecticide to finally get rid of those unwanted pests once and for all. You can finally ditch your stinky neem oil or toxic insecticides for this natural and sweet smelling solution (molasses is one of the main ingredients). It’s pretty foolproof to use, too! Just add a few drops into your water and spray your leaves or add to your soil. If you are using it to solve a bug problem, spray every three days for two weeks or until those pesky things are out of your hair (or should we say leaves)?